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The best person in the entire world. Everyone flocks towards an Eniola. She is the centre of everyone's joy. All those who meet her are blind sided by her beauty, intelligence, passion, fashion. She is like no other. Often mistaken for a diamond, you are truly blessed if you meet an Eniola
Girl 1: I was walking down the road today and I saw a diamond;

Girl 2: OMG was it an Eniola!!!
by Tolani001 November 02, 2012
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A girl who is like no other. She is rare to find, so once you find her cherish her with everything in you. She is not impressed by material possessions but the goodness of one's heart.
Boy: My God, I think I just found me an eniola!
Friend: Wow those are hard to find, where did you see her?
by E_F June 05, 2011
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An extremely daft girl.

A person who can't resist saying stupid things

Can also be defined as someone who makes a lot of mistakes in her speech
Eniola: when I grow up I want to have one children

Eniola: i have always want to do that
by jakins December 25, 2011
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A secretive fellow who loves family and friends, he/she loves making new friends and keeping old friends. Because of this, he/she is easily misunderstood and taken for granted. He/She is very beautiful inside out when pay good attention. Atimes,she can be too inquisitive for your liking. Most Eniolas are really fun to be with and have as best friends because, they are really different from all other people that you know. Which makes them diamonds, as in VERY RARE
If you get an Eniola as a friend, no matter what, never let go cause that's a shoulder you could always cry on. NEVER take he/she for granted because most Eniolas show what we call true love which you can't afford to just discard. They can get too emotional when it's not needed but still, They are one of the best kinds of human beings on earth
You should get yourself an Eniola today.
That girl is really Eniolaish
by Thissmallie October 21, 2018
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