Enim is the best person you will ever meet she is one of the funniest and goofey people you will ever meet. Her smile will light up the room like the sun. She will always be thare with you thru the best and the worst. She will make you feel like the best person in the world. And don't forget about how beautiful she is when she just puts on sweats and sweater she is still beautiful she is like a white rose in rose patch different but better in she is just and overall perfect person and if you read this never forget how perfect you are.
by Loudlight April 14, 2019
The smartest,prettiest,most caring, person in this world she is the best thing that could happen to you. When your sad she will do anything to make you happy. She will stay up all night if that is what takes just to see you smile she also the funniest and goofy person you will meet she dose most radom thing and will make u laugh so hard u spit water out of your noise. She is so pretty even when shes not trying shes cute and when she dose try it makes you speech less. Thats all from kjh
by Loudlight April 14, 2019
When you are an round boy named Roger and you change, your former friends become your Enimes.
Once in a place far away, a very long time ago there was an boy named Roger, he was tall but a bit round. He lived in a big city where unusual things seemed to happen everyday. For example, his uncle died. Anyway, Roger had lots of Enimes in the city, all the people he used to like were now his Enimes.
by Shmookk October 8, 2020
An animal used to give oneself an enima. I.E. Gerbil, hamster, raccon, etc.
Thanks for letting me use your guinea pig. He gave one one amazing enimal.
by Rataru July 31, 2009
The process of ripping a "new one" but not quite as severe.
He wasn't so mad at me that he ripped me a new @$$hole but I did receive a severe enimation.
by Bethany February 20, 2004