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Someone who acts as if they are British, when they reside in another country.
"I may be German but you're an English Pig"

"Hey Chris, you're an English Pig"

"You live in Canada and have a British flag Tattoo, dude you are a dirty English Pig"
by Monkey Peanut November 17, 2008
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An English Pig is the name given to any drunk aggressive British-born moron who cannot control his actions whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Normally English Pigs enjoy the past-time of entering a restaurant, shop or even a police station and shouting at the top of their voice "go home all you non-nationals" (or something less polite to that effect) which point they get arrested and later charged with affray and various public order offenses such as "urinating against a police officers leg during the interview.

If they plead guilty in court, they almost get off Scott-free in terms of penalties, by being fined something small like £10 and/or sentenced to one month SUSPENDED community service.

Failure to plead guilty results in the full wrath of the Judiciary System: Which basically means he lies about the incident and gets fully away with it scott-free anyway.
That guy is such an English Pig, he spent the night in the local police cells for trying to start an argument with himself .....he thought it was some other stupid English Pig but in fact it was his own reflection in the glass of a shop window. Stupid English Pig!
by The Smart Ass June 27, 2015
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