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The English College is a popular school located in Dubai, once you go there it will be hard to leave, such as Harry is to Hogwarts. The English College is a great school, generally a target of jealously (see definition below) the headmaster is like Dumbledore to Hogwarts - committed and loyal to the top school. A close bond will always remain with the connection of an EC student and The English College.

EC is where anyone who knows what's best for them will go, it has a homely environment and is not over the top but just right with a happy aura surrounding the school. People that bag on it are generally illiterate idiots.

The English College is the equivalent of Hogwarts. The students are usually quite clever and modest, they are also witty and polite.
JC student: Awh no, I wish I was at The English College! EC is amazing, I hear they get shawama's on Tuesday's and amazing food on Thursdays! AND they have people coming in to do fun things on special occasions.
Student: I know, EC is an amazing school!
Illiterate person: OMGG noe it izn, ec iz lyk wubbizh, lyk omg!!!
Cool EC students: Allow us to leave this illiterate dumb arse and off to our parties in the common room!
Illiterate person: Ommggg!! u movafakin idotz!! i be go to me clazz n slep cuz i is a idiot!!


EC Students: 'You know, I'm quite glad I attended the English College, it inspired me to become a lawyer, and look where I am now!'

Ex-JC student: 'I know, I am quite glad I moved schools back then, it really made a huge influence on back then what was my future, now my life is perfect' She said as she looked at her Harvard and Cambridge diploma.

Illiterate idiot: Ma'am, Sir? Any tea? I will now be cleaning the house and mowing the lawn, then I shall do your bidding!

EC students: Of course! See how us old EC students have influenced you? You are now polite and have alright English!
by Gryffitherin November 30, 2011
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Some gay school that has been around in dubai for 3 years, it is a school for mentally retarded kids, they have really bad teachers and the principal is retarded.
retarded student from english college: omfg my school is the best school in the world!
awesome dude:no..... -.-
by awesome dude who likes pie February 15, 2009
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