For some reason people still like to shit on english dubs without giving them a fair chance. Dubs in recent years have only continued to grow and improve. Besides, some people need dubs because they may have a disability or cannot see well. That doesn’t make them retarted. Sub elitists need to open their minds a little.
Guy 1: Hey the new anime has a pretty good English dub.
Guy 2: I disagree, but if it makes you happy, then good for you.
by Duckos February 15, 2021
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This entry is regarding english dubbed ANIME.

(n)/(v). A type of Japanese anime that has its original Japanese voices removed and replaced by English voiceovers by English voice actors. This is different from subbed anime, which has english subtitles while still preserving the unchanged and more natural Japanese voices of the original anime.

In some cases, english dubs may change or modify the feelings, tones and moods of original anime, making it seem like some kind of cartoon targeted at kids or hopelessly childish adults. Sometimes some scenes are also censored or cut from the anime, which may be deemed crude and unacceptable to be watched by the English-speaking community, oddly enough (eg. Pokemon - slap).

The primary reason why anime purists dislike english dubs may be due to the unnecessarily artificial high-pitched voices used in English dubs, or the lack of the original mood/meaning that was once present in the anime, which English dubs occasionally manage to transform and convert into something completely different and warped from the original. Or maybe due to the odd mouth movements that don't match the English voices and make characters look like mental retards.

In some english dubs, the anime openings / endings are also removed and instead replaced with horrendous custom-made sequences with blatant and crude shouting (eg Naruto). In this way, awesome openings and endings are excluded from the dubbed version, leaving it pitifully inconclusive.

However, it is important to note that some english dubbed anime are acceptable and watchable. Sadly enough, most people who don't know about original "anime" sometimes assume that English dubbed anime were created by Americans or the like (e.g Pokemon) and were meant to be in English. This is a common misconception that causes people to group anime together with the category "cartoons", even though they are different in numerous ways, especially in the maturity sector.

Terribly myopic person: ARRGH these small tiny harmless subs blocks off all my visuals! I DUNNO Y BUT CAN"T SEE!! NID THE ENGLISH DUB!!!
by ccoddes June 13, 2009
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