An awesome, sweet, and funny kid. Get yourself one.
Omg an Enes?? I want one!!”
by 3 is my favorite number December 16, 2018
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A sexy Turkish name that is willing to do anything and everything to help someone.
Enes your sexy lets go out
by Heheheheehheheheheh August 25, 2015
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Dude, you're such an Enes
by MADHOBO May 13, 2016
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A latently homosexual novosapein whose daily diet consist of cheese, sausages and rick rolls
"You are such an Enes" said the D&D grandmaster to one of his apprentices, as he struggled to use the English Language as a normal human being.
by inigro February 25, 2017
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A beautiful and caring female who relates well with people. She's cute, dramatic, very smart and free spirited.

She's the most important girl in everybody's live. She's a mother
Ene helped me out in our maths quiz
by Aibi February 22, 2019
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"The most interesting, fascinating, wise, quick-thinking, intelligent, prudent, beautiful, hot, sexy, sensual, empathetic, mysterious, warm and consuming person in the entire bloody universe" and people that know her are the luckiest people to ever exist in the same time as her.

Not to be confused with "Anne"
"I met lady En today. She seems so selfless and humble."
"You are very lucky to know her. She is everything !"
by shootingstar_mss July 10, 2020
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the most indecisive and crazy bitch you’ll ever meet but she’s hot asf so it’s all okay
That girl is so hot but she has a beer and vodka in her hand, must be ened.
by klwklw June 1, 2020
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