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A sexy Turkish name that is willing to do anything and everything to help someone.
Enes your sexy lets go out
by Heheheheehheheheheh October 05, 2015
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$panish 4 "N".

U$ed by Norteno$. (Northerner$)


A way of $aying homeboy or friend.
Norteno 1: What'$ up ene?
Norteno 2: Nada. ju$t chillin, $crap killin.
by Red_Eyez May 22, 2008
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A northerner.

Is the letter N in Spanish.

Usually used in referring to another northerner.
Whuddup eNe? Phuck dem scrapz homey.
by northernerforda14 October 10, 2005
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Onomatopoeic term for 'ñ', the 17th letter of the Spanish alphabet. It is pronounced as in the 'gn' in Cognac and also as in the 'ni' in onion. It can be reproduced in the common PC keyboard by pressing ALT and 165 on the num locks for the upper case letter and ALT 164 for the lower case letter.
Did you know that an eñe is just the letter n with a silly line on top?
It's called a tilde, you ñoño!
by Taino Boy September 10, 2005
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A latently homosexual novosapein whose daily diet consist of cheese, sausages and rick rolls
"You are such an Enes" said the D&D grandmaster to one of his apprentices, as he struggled to use the English Language as a normal human being.
by inigro February 25, 2017
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A cardinal point of the compass, 045 degrees.
Look in the mirror, your right eye is ENE of your nostrils.
by harry flashman August 12, 2003
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