1. End the Federal Reserve.
2. A chant often heard at Ron Paul rallies.
3. The title of Ron Paul's book.
4. To stabilize the United States Dollar.
5. The dollar is currently a debt note (IOU). Ending the Fed will back the dollar with something such as gold, rather than an endless stream of paper and ink.
"A dollar convertible to gold would provide the necessary Federal Reserve discipline to secure the long-term value of middle income savings and to backstop the drive for a balanced budget. The gold standard would terminate the world dollar standard by prohibiting official dollar reserves and the special access of the government and the financial class to limitless cheap Fed and foreign credit." -Lewis E. Lehrman

History: “Afterwards, I went to a rally at the University of Michigan. This was early in the campaign and I didn’t expect very much, to be frank. But there were 4,000 or 5,000 young people there. During my speech, they started to chant: ‘End the Fed! End the Fed!’ Some of them even began pulling Federal Reserve notes you know them as dollar bills from their pockets and lighting them on fire." -Ron Paul
Tom: Isn't the Federal Reserve a part of the United States Government?
John: Only as much as Federal Express is. That's why we have to End the Fed!
by Skad8erateher March 30, 2011
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End The Fed means to get rid of this evil private bank, called the Federal Reserve, which is run by the old fat cat International Bankers.

By controlling Presidents, politicians, judges, UN, IMF, European Union,...ruling America, England, and France...they have looted all of these countries.

They want to bankrupt all of the rich countries, then finally run the world with NWO, New World Order. Heavy handed Communist type of big government, and use Sharia law to supress people.
End The Fed should be the Occupy Wall Street slogan.
by welcometothenewworld October 10, 2011
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