A female of exceptional beauty, intellect and kindness. Emy tends to be carefree and awesome in every way. She is more likely to rule the world and win your heart.
I wish I could be Emy.

As beautiful as an Emy.

That girl is awesome. She has to be an Emy.
by *Mr.Awesome* May 3, 2013
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Emy is a girl who is clearly the most beautiful, amazing, and fun person ever. Emy might come off as a little snobby at first, but you will quickly realize that she is not, she is just kind of shy. Emy probably has long brown hair and freckles, and she is really skinny. She may be friends with an Isabella / Bella , Violet , Sarah , or Chloe .

Emy might have interests such as drawing, playing the piano, sleeping, and playing soccer. She also enjoys shopping and she is more than a little bit girly.

Basically, Emy will someday rule the world and you should make friends with one if you meet one.
"Oh, I know Emy! She's the best."
by xXglossybachXx June 23, 2019
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At first she may seem shy and like a weirdo, and she is but in a good way. She usually has long dark brown hair, big eyes, skinny as a stick. Emy is the type to have many talents such as drawing, piano, song writing, and smarts; but is very humble and modest about it. She has an A+ in every class and likes that no one else has the same. Emy is very quiet when when she’s alone or nobody talks to her but when she is with her close friends is very loud. Emy’s feelings are very sensitive and she suffers from mild depression. She dose not like when someone from her class finds something to embarrass her by. She will often cry or try to hide from it and just avoid all human contact in general. Emy usually has one best friend, an Isabella, Bella, or Beya. Emy is not often popular but can be sometimes. Emy dose have one or two guys she likes and one or two guys liking her. She thinks bad of herself and better of others.Emy loves Anime. Preferably Violet Evergarden. Emy loves other people but hates herself for some reason. Emy doesn’t have a line of boys for her over her looks, but rather her smarts and glimmering smile. But she often worry's too much on her flaws instead of her perfections. Even though she knows he can’t change herself down. She has hazel-color changing eyes and a big heart.
Emy *sits in desk in front of him*
Person 1 (mind): whoa! She so breathtaking, better try and make her laugh today!
Emy: Hey um do you have a pencil i can borrow?
Person 1: uhmhummm
Emy (mind): im even too ugly for someone to look at me and speak to me..wow..
by BeyaBella May 15, 2019
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Emy Is a crazy person that is obsessed with tik tok and likes to scare people.
Emy is scary.
by Bangtanarmyletsgetit December 5, 2019
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Funny,tall black big dick type of man that will please you physically and emotionally and will straight up dick you down
Damn Emy why you not in the bed already

Damn Emy why you carry a snake in your pants
by 1372 January 20, 2018
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She is a wonderful caring person. She seems rude but has a heart of gold. Your lucky if she doesn't hate you, it means your special Emie is nice to everyone but has particular ppl she is close too. She can work her money maker and all the boys want her
Hanes: bro I really like emie

Tim: I saw her dancing yesterday I dont blame you bro
by Bebii😁😁💔😈 December 16, 2019
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