People who had sold their time, individuality and soul to an institution that use them like disposable batteries while paying them just enough to survive, not a dollar more.

Their lives can be pretty much summarized in a few lines:
They wake up to the sound of alarm, skip breakfast, commute in unbearable traffic (and for some in shitty weather conditions) while worried about not making it on time and being reprimanded, sit on their desk (the same they had been sitting for years/decades) 8 hours a day while doing some useless repetitive tasks that even a kid with down syndrome can do, respect office politics and smile to people they hate just to abide by the "etiquette". Then they go back home in the same soul-crushing traffic, eat, watch TV, and sleep.
This same routine is EXACTLY followed by them for 5 days a week - for the rest of their lives.

The main reasons they endure this hell are:
- They take zero risk to change their situation and prefer to stay in their comfort zone
- They are brainwashed and believe this is the only way how life should be
- They want to indulge in consumerism and buy useless stuff since they are not free to spend it on useful life experiences. For example they can't travel because the time spent in the plane would be longer than their weekend.
- They got married and have kids to feed and buy iPads for.
- They have a mortgage

PS: most of them are also brown nosers
Dude 1: bro I'm feeling miserable at work, what to do?
Dude 2: dude just quit and start your own business
Dude 1: but what if I fail?
Dude 2: and what if you succeed? you'll be your own boss, sleep whenever you want, wake up whenever you want, and take vacations as much as you want!
Dude 1: hmm.. I don't know.. but I guess I'll stay at my job. I can't risk being unable to pay for my mortgage, loans, kids toys, wife's hairdresser...
Dude 2: ok ok shut up! you're just a typical employee
by virginkiller90 November 28, 2015
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1. A person who can't stand their job, day in and day out, they are bored to death and body starts to go in to convulsions. Brain cells starts to die from lack job satisfaction which brings on employeeitis.
"After two hours of work and share boredum, Brandon started suffering signs of employeeitis."
by NicandD July 23, 2009
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A girl at Tim Horton's that chews her gum with her mouth open and is talking on the phone constantly she is often accompanied by a guy named Chad
that employee just tossed my salad
by Make_a_wish_kid December 7, 2018
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incredibly lame; stupid; unoriginal; out of touch with culture or fashion
Jared: Did you see that boss kickflip!
Sam: Anyone can do that. It's totally employee.
by FullNelson June 11, 2011
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Groups of people at the workplace who engage in the means of production by providing labor to the employer. In return for their hard work, the employees receive pay and benefits while the employer makes a profit which allows the employees to continue to earn income which they spend in other places allowing other people to remain employees and their employers make a profit which allows those employees to earn income which they spend in other places ....
Employees make the world go around.
1. Employees are usually very happy to accept a job at an agreed price and with agreed conditions. It makes the employer wonder why that employee then cannot show to work on time or follow the rules of the workplace and be plain lazy.
2. Employees always feel they should be paid more, work less, get better benefits and be able to set their own hours.
3. Employers bang their heads against the wall, all the while knowing most employees are fucking idiots, but continue to hire as once in a while a decent employee, with management potential comes around.
by Dick Splash 2 June 13, 2009
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