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An emotional tourist is one that goes from person to person and feeds off of their experiences and emotions to fill the emptiness inside of them.
You ditched your grieving friend to hang out in a bathtub with a complete stranger? I should have known you were an emotional tourist!
by Pamela Manson December 01, 2013
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A person who enjoys another persons experiences to fill the emptiness they feel inside. It is similar to a sadist but without causing someone pain.
Im helping my friend with his emotional detachment from his family, it was my idea to visit them and remove that awkward detachment. Its what a emotional tourist dues.
by Alphanse December 02, 2013
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An emotional tourist is someone who moves from relationship to relationship, or friend to friend, feeding off the emotional attachment the other person has for them. They use this to validate their existence, and often damage other people who actually care about them.
"Dude Ava is such an emotional tourist"

"I know right, she just "lost interest in you" and now she's dating her best friend"
by Cmplictd May 10, 2018
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