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Emotional but unable to express it. Either because of 1.) numbness or 2.) it is socially inappropriate to do so.
1. Bob wants to cry but he just can't for some reason, even though he knows it will make him feel better. Guess he's experiencing some emotional constipation.

2. During the funeral, Jerry wanted to erupt into laughter but knew that it would be socially-inappropriate. She was emotionally-constipated.
by cunninleongus February 15, 2010
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Inability or unwillingness to express one's emotions. Creates the impression of a cold or unfeeling person. Often associated with having an anal personality. High doses of alcohol are the best known remedy.

(note to editors: I submitted this same definition for "mental constipation", but now I realised that it's really more appropriate for "emotional constipation".)
He's got such a bad case of emotional constipation, if he ever did say anything, shit would come out of his mouth!
by Robodok January 23, 2008
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the inability to express one's feelings despite a sincere effort or desire to do so
That movie was so sad it made tears well up in my eyes, but my emotional constipation was so great I couldn't bring myself to cry.
by Michael Jameson June 20, 2007
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That feeling when you just really couldn't give a shit.
"I was going to vote for Jedward on the X Factor, but just couldn't be bloody bothered"

"Man, I've been feeling like that for weeks. We both have emotional constipation."
by TheNotBob November 13, 2009
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