two of the most beautiful people ever to walk the planet.
John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes

Known for their AMAZINGLY high hair and GORGEOUS personalities.
Jedward: yo VIP, lets kick it!
Everyone in the entire world: *sigh* WE LOVE YOU!!
by person number one February 19, 2010
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The blended word formed from the Xfactor finalists, 18 year old twins, John and Edward Grimes, with their spiked up electric style quiffs.
1. I love Jedward! Jedward to win, dude!

2. God, your hair is such a Jedward hair-do today! Lay off the gel.
by MCLIVV December 13, 2009
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The Irish twins, also known as John and Edward Grimes, are famous because of their fabulous quiffs, dazzling personalities and their ability to turn tedious, lacklustre “music” into unbelievably heartening, classy Pop. The 18 year old boys are uniting people and nations as we speak, and they have an endless number of followers, all of which find themselves with an inescapable form of Obsessive Jedward Disorder, resulting in wondering off topic when speaking; the use of the word ‘deadly’ a lot more often and the uncontrollable need for cereal. Jedward have many nicknames, including ‘Jedders’, ‘The Jed’ and ‘Eddie and JJ’. Also, if you hear someone using the words ‘hottest boys on the planet’, they are most probably talking about the twins.

Nothing can beat the unstoppable force that is Jedward.
Girl No.1: "Woww, i just met the most perfect guy in the world!"
Girl No.2: "Omg, you met a Jedward?!"
by ChasingGeorge February 4, 2010
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the combination name of John and Edward, two irish joke contestants of the X factor 2009. no words can describe the absolute hatred and loathing the viewer feels as soon as their little smiley twatish faces are seen on saturday/sunday night. they remain to exist in the competition because biased irish prick of a judge Louis Walsh noticed their familiar accents and said that they "have potential", but the reason they remain in the competition is a mystery, whether its if people like listnening to classic Queen songs get murdered by these talentless gimps or its good ol' fashioned desire to see them crushed as they get further and further into the competition before failing at the end, i dont know
person 1 :"you know who i really want to Knock the fuck out?"
person 2 :"dunno, Jedward?"
person 1 :"yeah they're twats"
by Yaksik November 5, 2009
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One helluva MOTHERFUCKER who knows how to do FREESTYLES and likes to TALK ABOUT HIS 19382818 EXES. Is a tryhard and bad at commitment. Born in pakistan to indian parents.
"I just did a really shitty freestyle"
"HaHa! What a Jedward."
by anoboneeimportanty December 9, 2019
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A form of insult to someone you think is totally and utterly ridiculous, in either their manner, clothing style, haircut or otherwise someone who has done something or in the act of doing something really stupid...... Or simply just used to wind someone up by calling them "A 'Jedward' "
For example.... "You complete Jedward", "stop being a Jedward" or simply "Oi ! JEDWARD!"
by Lumar June 1, 2011
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Look alike to Mr Mitchell Brown and John and Edward Grimes ; Noted for their high blonde quiff's and exuberant personality's?
"What do you called a person who has a striking blonde quiff similar to the one on Mitchell brown and The twins of x factor ?"

" Jedward "
by Sky.ais October 28, 2010
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