Someone who hates another for being emo. one who hates on another for showing their feelings and letting their emotions show..
Jock Jason: Look at those emo kids with their girl jeans on listening to that stupid MCR..

Emo Eric: Look at those emo haters, why cant they accept everyone for who they are?

by Curious Karen June 20, 2006
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People who have the sense to recognize the fact that the sterotypical Emo ethier needs to die, or leave this planet.

Also, an Emo hater could be someone who recognizes how HORRIBLE Emo music is. It is evident to such people that there is no punishment sever enough, in reality or imangination, that one could inflict upon the creators of this music.

Unfortunatly, the average Emo hater is no better then the ones they hate on. They tend to be ignorant ass-holes that are just as bad band-wagoners as those they despise so.
An Emo hater is pretty much anyone who isnt Emo.
by Dextl August 18, 2006
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yeah, I'm an emo hater. you heard me, you little emo bitch. run along before I shove your taking back sunday album up your ass.
by morekvltthanyou December 15, 2005
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Someone who is NOT a fool, and who is NOT sucked into the current trend (emo). Emo hating bridges the gap between different parts of society. For example, I (a metalhead) can agree with both rednecks, nu-metal kids, and preps on this subject (Of course, I despise rednecks, nu-metal kids, and preps).

Emo haters generaly hate emos due to their pretencious and insipid crys for help. They get quite annoying. As you can tell from alot of the definitions on this page, emos are very defensive about their poser trend. That is another reason why emo haters hate emo so much.
Emo kid: I'm so sad. No one understands me. I hope you all rot.

Emo hater: Dude, I don't know you, stop fucking talking to me.

Emo kid: You don't know what I've been through! Today, during 6th period, I got a paper cut.

Emo hater: Uhhhh... are you fucking retarded?

Emo kid: And yesterday, during gym, some jock called me a "fag" just because like staring at his body.

Emo hater: Seriously kid, stop bothering me.

Emo kid: And, the day before that, my parents said they're getting divorced. Do you know what that feels like?!

Emo hater: Uhh.. yeah, my parents are divorsed too. No big deal, you'll get over it. Do you honestly think you're the only one with problems?

Emo kid: Stop making fun of me! I'm sensitive.

Emo hater: Huh?

Emo kid: *crying*

Emo hater: Goddamn I hate you.
by Zach (Thrash til fucking death) November 23, 2006
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a person who has enough time to stop and look for websites, blogs, forums, w/ they can tell everyone that emo sucks. a person who has never talked to a emo kid, never been an emo kid, never even saw an emo kid in real life. (which seems to make them think they know EVERYTHING about emo...beacuase someone who got burned by an emo kid said all this crap about emo kids on a blog...which has to be 100% true...riiight...)basically people who think they are so much better and all knowing that they can voice wat they want about anything. see prep....but not all are preps though. and this concludes wat you need to know abou emo haters!
emo : omg why do you hate us so much?

emo hater : cuz ya'll fags...n ur music sucks.

emo : oh i get it ur an emo hater.

emo hater : wat? hey wanna say that to my face?

emo: sure... ur an emo hater.

emo hater : wat...don't use those fancy words..hey come back here!!!
by the better rachel April 8, 2006
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Some who passes the line of purely hating the music (don't blame them, most mainstream bands passing themselves off as emo are) for whatevr reason. Most probably a bandwagon jumper wo believes people care about their views. Feel the need to make unoriginal jabs purely to make up for the fact that their highlight of the day was belittling somes opinion behind the anonymity of the internet. Only knowledge of the subject was from a YTMND creating, forum fad following tool. Thinks anyone against their hating is emo and "Should go and cry up in their room." because erm, they all do that.
Emo hater: lol next to Fugazi it says emo. lol u must be an emo kid and cry over your ex gf. lol emo.
Person with sense: Wow, how hilarious. Go play WoW emo hater.
by EPU August 21, 2005
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A stereotypical little bitch who judges emo people based on what they like rather than who they are.

These people will go and say that anyone who listens to Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, or Hawthorne Heights, or has long sidebangs is a stupid loser with no friends who cries all the time over petty things like a bird flying away from them, is gay, and of course.. cuts themselves. They ALWAYS use the cutting as an excuse to hate emos.

First of all, there are very few emos who actually cut themselves. If they do, then half of the time they're just doing it for attention, and therefore, they're not even emo. They're posers. It's THEM who you should be hating on, not the actual people. Second of all.. there are also VERY few gay emos. Seriously.. they all like the opposite sex. If you'd stop being so narrow-minded you'd be able to see for yourself. And THIRD of all.. most emos are in fact happy people most of the time. It doesn't take something as stupid as what you say could happen to make an emo person depressed.

I know I'm about to start sounding stereotypical myself, but.. the majority of emo haters are either wiggers who follow rap stereotypes much better than emo guys follow their own emo stereotypes, or simply guys who think that their "true metal" is so much better than emo music because it's not mainstream and it's from the 1970's.
Emo hater #1: Yo look at dat emo dude over der bein' such a total wuss lizzening to hiz Taking Back Sunday CD. What a gay fag, he probly cuts himself at home. Now I'm gona go to da mall wit ma slut gf who I only got to rape latur on, and den talk bout how pimpin' gangsta I am. Word!

Emo hater #2: Man, that emo guy there is so stupid! My Chemical Romance are such sellouts because they're popular! Meanwhile, I love to blast my Slayer CD because they're like.. real thrash metal, man.. and actually they're popular too. But hey.. at least they're metal!
by SomeBadJoke August 17, 2006
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