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People who have the sense to recognize the fact that the sterotypical Emo ethier needs to die, or leave this planet.

Also, an Emo hater could be someone who recognizes how HORRIBLE Emo music is. It is evident to such people that there is no punishment sever enough, in reality or imangination, that one could inflict upon the creators of this music.

Unfortunatly, the average Emo hater is no better then the ones they hate on. They tend to be ignorant ass-holes that are just as bad band-wagoners as those they despise so.
An Emo hater is pretty much anyone who isnt Emo.
by Dextl August 18, 2006
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Someone who hates another for being emo. one who hates on another for showing their feelings and letting their emotions show..
Jock Jason: Look at those emo kids with their girl jeans on listening to that stupid MCR..

Emo Eric: Look at those emo haters, why cant they accept everyone for who they are?

by Curious Karen June 19, 2006
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kids who don't understand emo kids, but see that they attract more attention from girls, so they emo haters become jeoulus, and have nothing to make fun of them for but calling thm gay or suicidal

not all emo kids cut
only the stupid ones
not all emo kids are gay
only the ones who like penis

i think people should calm down
and stop making fun of these kids
who you don't even understand
"look at that kid, with the girl pants, such a fag. haha"
by Elijia August 16, 2005
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Normal people, no we aren't homophobic, ignorant conformists. We just don't like hearing about your problems. Also emo music is awful, it just talks about death and morbid stuff. I am an emo hater.
Emo: You don't get me! You conformist bitch. Your homophobic and jealous, and don't like our music! Emo hater!

Me: Okay I'm a conformist, what does that make you? A guy in girl's jeans that wears make up and writes poetry. Yea, real cool.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
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Someone who is NOT a fool, and who is NOT sucked into the current trend (emo). Emo hating bridges the gap between different parts of society. For example, I (a metalhead) can agree with both rednecks, nu-metal kids, and preps on this subject (Of course, I despise rednecks, nu-metal kids, and preps).

Emo haters generaly hate emos due to their pretencious and insipid crys for help. They get quite annoying. As you can tell from alot of the definitions on this page, emos are very defensive about their poser trend. That is another reason why emo haters hate emo so much.
Emo kid: I'm so sad. No one understands me. I hope you all rot.

Emo hater: Dude, I don't know you, stop fucking talking to me.

Emo kid: You don't know what I've been through! Today, during 6th period, I got a paper cut.

Emo hater: Uhhhh... are you fucking retarded?

Emo kid: And yesterday, during gym, some jock called me a "fag" just because like staring at his body.

Emo hater: Seriously kid, stop bothering me.

Emo kid: And, the day before that, my parents said they're getting divorced. Do you know what that feels like?!

Emo hater: Uhh.. yeah, my parents are divorsed too. No big deal, you'll get over it. Do you honestly think you're the only one with problems?

Emo kid: Stop making fun of me! I'm sensitive.

Emo hater: Huh?

Emo kid: *crying*

Emo hater: Goddamn I hate you.
by Zach (Thrash til fucking death) November 22, 2006
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yeah, I'm an emo hater. you heard me, you little emo bitch. run along before I shove your taking back sunday album up your ass.
by morekvltthanyou December 14, 2005
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Some one who has a lot of sense. They tend to be in a place with alot of emos. They either hate the emo music or the emo kids.
Emo Hater: Holy Shit they're fucking everywhere
Emo Kid: OMG Why do you hate me, you don't know what i've been through. I broke my Ipod yesterday.
Hater Hater: I hate you because you're a rich annoying bith.
Emo Kid: I'm so sad i have to go cut my self!!!!!!!!!
by OreoxKid June 22, 2006
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