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Emnet is an ethiopian name. It is a very rare name that is often misread as Emmett. Ethiopians will call Emnet Bemnet because Bemnet is the common version while Emnet is a name only owned by 5-10 people in the entire world. Emnet means faith in Amharic so next time you meet an Emnet, know that your meeting a rare type of faithful person ;)
Emnet actually means faith! I didn’t even know.
by RarestNames June 19, 2018
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A funny and talented girl who is always alert. She can either be the quietest person in the room or the loudest, no in between. She plays dumb sometimes but is actually very intelligent and most of the time that is overlooked. Emnet is very loyal and loosing her would be a big mistake.
I just met this girl named Emnet, she’s hilarious.
by BoredKid May 12, 2018
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A person who is shy but can be very funny always has a small group of friends and is always kind but she is a very friendly outgoing person
Girl: hey did you see emnet today
Girl 2: yeah she’ was laughing over there
Girl: I wonder what funny thing she’s saying today
by Pengu May 10, 2018
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