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a southern rapper that come out the B.R.(baton rouge) "cross them tracks where them thugz roll" off garfield that is signed to trill ent. his c.d.'s include youngest out of the camp,for my thugz,gangsta musik with webbie,bad azz and others he is a gutta rapper who rap about the streetz and gangsta shit his dad died when he was young in the thug life and he stayed wit his mom he has a unique style with that B.R. accent with lyrics dat are gutta and real straight uncut and raw he is 1 of the best rappers out there born November 14, 1983 by the name Torrence Hatch now signed to the major label universal records also he also just relaesed the bad azz dvd on 9/19/2006 and soon to come out in stores with his new album
a:hey ya heard them boys bangin dat boosie in dey car
b:hell yea everybody bang dat shit in duval
a: damn straight i be bangin dat shit every day out here

lil boosie keep dat shit gutta
by Rich904 September 19, 2006
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One of the best and realest rappers left! Raps about the streets and real shit hes been through!
Guy 1. - Mane have you heard Lil Boosies new album?
Guy 2. - Hell yeah thats the shit! Boosie the realest!
by DaGuhYhuWishYhuHad May 11, 2011
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A rapper who sounds like trina with a hormone problem
listen 2 a song by lil boosie then listen 2 a song by trina
by Marcus_0900 June 09, 2007
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A dark colored roach with a rather high pitched voice and is capable of sub-par rap.
She get on back of that motorbike, and all you see is back on that motorbike. - lil boosie
by King Barley January 30, 2007
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a rapper that's not even good. tries to rap about the streets, but can't be taken seriously because he sounds like a lil girl.
Thug 1:have you heard lil boosie's new song? Zoom?
Thug 2:yea, sounded like a lil bitch askin for toys and shit.
Thug 1:haha yea! the only cool part is where yung joc comes in and shows boosie how it's done on his own damn song!!
by Edgar V February 01, 2007
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