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Usually a gorgeous girl. They tend to be smart and intelligent. You would want to be best friends with an Emmaly because they are super smart (to help you with homework duh) and they are nice to look at
Person: wow Emmaly is so smart
Emmaly: Why hello there
Person: Faints
by EverdeenGirl February 23, 2017
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Girls named Emmaly tend to be bitchy and controlling. If they are dating someone, they are very overprotective of them. They are violent and get upset over things that are not important. They also are total Drama Queens.
Boyfriend: "I'm hanging out with Sarah this weekend."

Emmaly: "What! Don't hang out with her! She's always ALL OVER YOU."

Boyfriend: "Emm, she's my best friend."

Emmaly: "I can't believe you would pick that whore over me! I'm your girlfriend!"
by BeachBaby4895 February 13, 2010
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