Emilia is the most amazing girl you will ever meet in your life. Emilia's are funny, smart, sarcastic and cute. She is probably one of the greatest friends you will have so don't lose them! Be grateful to meet a Emilia, because they are amazing
Person 1: Emilia is a good person
Person 2: Yeah I know and she is cute too
by Rosesandguns November 05, 2019
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A know-it-all. Can't tolerate misspellings and wrong grammar. She will stand up for her opinions, and you dont want to disagree with her.
-im going to die!
-what happened?
-i said that Emilia was wrong.
-oh no. prepare to die.
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Emilia is the main character of any movie/show. She is deadass the life of the party and always lights up the room with her quirky and funny personality. She also has a great sense of style and is always updated on current memes and trends. Once you meet her you’ll never forget about her as she makes the best first impressions. All mums love her. Emilia’s have a unique look and they really don’t care what people think, which makes Emilia’s a special species. Lastly, Emilia’s have insecurity issues due to them being surrounded by successful beautiful people constantly, but she does not see her worth, and she had a very humble attitude towards all success in her life. Her extroverted nature and optimistic energy makes her easily approachable and she’s always the one you should text if ure sad or need advice.
Omg that girl is so wild and careless! She must be an Emilia
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by _sexilexi_ March 06, 2021
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Emilia is a girl that seems nice at first,but after some time she will steal your friends.She's a hoe that can't be controled.
Girl 1:I fought with my bff
Girl 2:Why?
Girl 1:Because of Emilia...
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by furiosgirl15 June 14, 2018
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The most wonderful and beutiful girl alive. Very smart and is good with other people, loved by almost everyone.
Oh, this girl is a real Emilia.
Yes just look at that wondeful hair!
by BigManBruv December 31, 2017
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Emilia is the only girl I know who is just so perfect, so amaazzinnnggg. She is super pretty, has such a good sense of humor, and is the BEST best friend you could get. She likes to have fun by joking and teasing, and she loves inside jokes. She is my favourite bitch, haha and she also a boy magnet. bruhhh. Like i can't describe but when you are with her it's the best. If you ever get an Emilia to like you keep her and if you do anything, ANYTHING, to hurt her, when she would do absolutely everything for you, I will fucking beat the shit out of you.
That girl is so pretty... her name has got to be emilia! ;)
by iamthatbitch77 June 07, 2020
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Emilia is a Himmalayan goddess
*Praying to Emilia* Himma Himma Himmalaya ohhhhhh Himmalayaaaa
by Bobmedløgsovs April 28, 2021
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