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A group of 3 hotties from Huntington beach who are currently competing on x factor. They are an alternative band that's originally from Sequim, Washington. The band consists of Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick. Their fans are currently called Emblems. Wesley's voice is a beautiful kind of butter, Keaton sings like an angel, and Drew sings/raps meaningful lyrics from his heart. They are all fine pieces of ass and any girl would be lucky to sit on their faces. Don't hate them cause you ain't them.
Girl #1: Did you watch x factor last night?

Girl #2: Yeah Emblem3 killed it!
by lindsay1144 December 02, 2012
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3 Guys (actually 5), from Huntington Beach but originally from Sequim Washington. There fandom are called Emblems for now (aka emblers emblem3rs emblematix). The 5 guys are Wesley Stromberg,Drew Chadwick,Keaton Stromberg, Kyle Miner and Kenny Galbraith. They don't know if Kyle and Kenny will be in the band. E3 is signed by syco at the moment.

THEY ARE NOT A BOY BAND. They play they own instruments. They are all really fucking sexy. You must be on Team Inspire.

They have there own very boss originals on YouTube if you think there just some boy band.
Yeah k bye
Girl 1: Hey Emblem3's song Sunset Blvd is awesome!
Girl 2: Ikr! They're so talented
by Emblem Bitch December 21, 2012
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Emblem3 is the chillest band anywhore will ever meet. They're not a boyband, but a bro-band with music that makes you wanna smoke weed and pass a blunt whenever something goes wrong.
Emblems (the fan base) are chill and 'kind' and all just looking for inspiration but if you talk shit about E3 . . . Leats just say AL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. They will destroy you nicely and happily.
K, about the band:
-Drew Chadwick-20
-Wesley Stromberg-20
-Keaton Stromberg-16
Drew isn't related to the other two, who are brothers. He's just the 'red-headed stepchild that they hide under the stairs'.
The Cali band has been pretty much around for five years.
They left the x factor in 4th place and were recently signed by Simon Cowell. Need to know anything else? Google it.
Emblems- "Theres a fight!" *breaks it up*
Person- "E3 is copying 1-" Emblems -"Does 1D play instruments? Do they write all their songs? Are they American? Are they chill? Fuck you." *says sweetly*
Emblem3-"I like my women like I like my juice-"
by Emblectioner December 30, 2012
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The next generation of talentless mainstream cunts.
Dumbass #1: Ayo my man #swagyoloswagyo#swaggin Yo so Emblem3's new album is coming out aw yea #cooliodawg
Dumbass #2: Awwwww like yyeeaa like they are like so like talented and like cute and like, stuff. Like, yea.
Me: Really? Really? Stop it. Like One Direction and other talentless artists out in the mainstream today, they are only famous because of mainstream TV and because small, teenage girls think they're really hot. Stop it. There are so many singers and rappers that are much more talented than these little shits and they don't make pennies. They are not known at all, they're just local novelties. Kill yourself.
by bamtherapper May 16, 2013
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