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Emblem3 is the chillest band anywhore will ever meet. They're not a boyband, but a bro-band with music that makes you wanna smoke weed and pass a blunt whenever something goes wrong.
Emblems (the fan base) are chill and 'kind' and all just looking for inspiration but if you talk shit about E3 . . . Leats just say AL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. They will destroy you nicely and happily.
K, about the band:
-Drew Chadwick-20
-Wesley Stromberg-20
-Keaton Stromberg-16
Drew isn't related to the other two, who are brothers. He's just the 'red-headed stepchild that they hide under the stairs'.
The Cali band has been pretty much around for five years.
They left the x factor in 4th place and were recently signed by Simon Cowell. Need to know anything else? Google it.
Emblems- "Theres a fight!" *breaks it up*
Person- "E3 is copying 1-" Emblems -"Does 1D play instruments? Do they write all their songs? Are they American? Are they chill? Fuck you." *says sweetly*
Emblem3-"I like my women like I like my juice-"
by Emblectioner December 30, 2012

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