The best pvp car in GTA online, comes stock with missiles and MG's. MG's are the strongest pair in the game and missiles have insane tracking, takes 3-6 homing missiles and easily counter: Deluxo, Oppressor, Akula, Oppressor MK2 etc. Works best if you head your opponent on at full speed and spam missiles once you hit a lock-on. Their missiles won't hit you but you'll destroy them. The car is closed off from on the back so on foot players can't kill you from behind, also useful for reversing into them to run them over and then spraying them with MG's/missiles and killing them before getting up.
"If you buy the Stromberg, you'll become an absolute unit."
by Pegassi September 21, 2018
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a huge lesbian fag who has a big cock.
stephanie: ur evan stromberger is bigger than his.
n: i know
by asdfghjkl12345678 July 9, 2009
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