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A name reffering to a girl filled with nothing but amazingness, Elyns are huggable, talented, amazing, caring and greater than all.
Boys, if you ever come across a Elyn, dont ever let her go. Elyns are the most lovable and helpful being you will ever meet, throughout your ups and downs, no matter the hardship, or problems, Elyns will always be there for you. Elyns never like losing, no matter the outcome, they always wanna be on top, they will fight for anything they believe in, and dont expect them to back down. Elyns are always accepting, and humorous. Elyns are the most amazing person you would meet, and are always there to cheer you up. Humble to friendship, Elyns are filled with wisdom, and wants nothing but showing love and compassion for who she loves. Elyn will do anything for you, no matter the cost, she always has your back. Elyns are literally an angel, and a spark of saviour. Elyns are sweet, and have the best personality anyone would wish for. If you ever meet an Elyn, promise to never let go, no matter the outcome, she'll prove over and over what a Elyn she is.
The single greatest being in the world, is undoubtedly "Elyn"
by Annonymous231321 September 19, 2018
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