I'm Elton Johning today. Too much time jonesin' around internet wastin' time. Gotta get in touch with my real feelings and creativity. I feel a poem coming on... oh maybe some interpretive dance.
by Andrew Stone August 09, 2007
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Sucking too long and too hard on a blunt. AKA "Bumming it". This definition combines the fact that Elton John is gay and possibly felches his boyfriend with the already popular and associative term "bumming it" to coalesce the two into a singular and greater form.
Dude: Pass the blunt man..
.. passes blunt ...
Dude: fuck man, you must have really been Elton Johning that!
by craig6398 December 01, 2016
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Absolutely amazing and talented musical genious. Personally my favourite singer since I was 4. Just so happens to be a homosexual, but that does not affect his awesome skills! Everyone get a copy of "Your Song" right now!
Person 1: WOW! Elton John kicks ass
Person 2: No way! That guy is a fag
Person 1: Shuttup dude, Elton rocks
Person 2: Hey you're right, this cat kicks ass.
by ae_andrea February 25, 2004
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One of the greatest musicians EVER. Criticized by closed minded idiots because of his sexuality. Has made AWESOME songs like "Rocket Man" and "Tiny Dancer". Elton John rocks.
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
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Sir Elton John= Brilliant. With both great music and a powerful stage show, he is one of the greatest musicians to ever live. With hits such as "Your Song", "Candle in the Wind" and "Can you Feel the Love Tonight". He was born in 1947 and went big in 1970 with the album "Elton John". He is still making music today and is as popular as ever.
"The Elton John version of Piano Man would beat the crap out of Billy Joel's."
by Stephen Hawking February 21, 2004
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Reginald Kenneth Dwight "Elton John". Is an amazingly talented Piano Player. He is highly respected by millions. Others choose to hate him, because he is a Homosexual. Personally, I don't think that his sexual orientation effects his talent to play the piano. Everyone knows atleast one famous Elton John song; Elton John is a legend.
Some songs by Elton John are, Your Song, Candle in the Wind, Circle of Life, Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer. Just to name a few.
by Mildew June 28, 2006
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