Taking a picture of someone else while pretending that you're taking a selfie.
I took an elsie of the hot chick on a nude beach while pretending to take a selfie. She never suspected a thing!
by nodonutnocop July 20, 2017
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Elsie is very funny person, annoying but funny there characteristic are funny kind generous and smart. An Elsie usually has brown hair and a weird sense of humor
friend one: wow did u see elsie she just started laughing for no reson
friend two; ya i did it made me crack up
by N0ah808 April 29, 2020
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litteraly the rudest person u will ever meet
she is so disrespectful
and i dont like her,
stiop bullying me.
" omg who is that?"
" gurl omg it's elsie "
" oh the rude one nobody likes "
"ya dat one "
by lolllllllnah May 19, 2016
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an Elsie is a term used for the absolute cutest girl in the world ( and theres 8 billion people in the world so that’s kinda a lot). She is an outstanding soccer and scores a lot of goals, however when she misses some shots her father gets very angry. she enjoys eating this exquisite dessert called bubble tea. And is very HOT
hey that elsie girl is lookin pretty cute, i might have to take her for some bubble tea
by breenieweenie March 02, 2019
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Elsie is the best person you will ever get to know. She is smart, kind, sexy and incredibly hot. Unlock her heart and you will find her wild side. She is fierce if you get on her bad side, but she will make you beg for forgiveness. If you find yourself an Elsie, never let her go.
Boy 1: God damn, she’s hot
Boy 2: oh that’s Elsie; she has every boy falling to his knees for her.
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by #😉 November 03, 2019
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Shit-stirring basic bitch. Lies a lot but you can tell when she's lying. Has a good sense of humour and is very pretty on the outside but within, she's a shit-stirrer, a bad liar and she steals from her friends!
Oh well, you can never believe a thing Elsie says.
by Anonymous_Unknown_Human January 03, 2018
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Elsie Is a girl that eats a lot of food and is lazy , doesn’t like doing work but does like spending others money. If you buy her something she will cherish it but will soon upgrade to the next big item.
by Artsy wonder December 03, 2019
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