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She is a loveable and independent girl. She is quick to laugh and has an infectious smile. Ellora is beautiful on the inside and out. and Ellora is also a totally awsome girl who loves anyone who cares! <3
oh! she loves everyone like an ellora!
by whosyalovemuffin! August 05, 2011
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An Ellora is a female person that listens to The Distillers, a hardcore punkrock band.
She is a hardcore Ellora !
by Dylanb356 August 04, 2007
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Ellora is a blonde girl who shines like the sun. She’s quick to make friends, she may ruin or fuck up the friendship though. She listens to a wide range of music and is always down to make a new playlist just for you. You learn to live her for her flaws. As she is like a garden, she must be loved to thrive. Her eyes hold the answers to the universe. She’s a true flower child, although will
Be hesitant to admit it. You must love her for who she is.
“Wow, she reminds me so much of Ellora”
Yes! But does she hold the universe like her?”
by QUEEN ELWHOREA May 27, 2018
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A beautiful young lady with lovely pale skin and pink tinted lips. Always smiling and bubbly Ellora loves to make be the life of the party with her friends and her partner. A meal with pizza and potatoes is the way to Ellora's heart, she loves to be treated well, especially if it's Hawaiian. However if you wish to unlock her heart and really be all hers, all you must do is buy her shrimp. She loves shrimp. Shrimp platter, fried shrimp. shrimp shaped aeroplane head cushions... it is her favourite organism from the sea.

Please note that all Ellora's must come with a warning label that insists a mandatory maximum 4 hours sleep with periodic netflix episodes in between. Thou must tolerate such blatent abuse she gives to her body by not sleeping long enough. For ideal working conditions Ellora must sleep at least 7 hours otherwise there is a high risk of irritation.
Guy: you're such an Ellora sometimes
Girl *while stuffing face with shrimp* Sigh!
by BlackCatForever August 17, 2018
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