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The few Mexicans that:
Live in the suburbs, Have various houses (huge "haciendas"in Mexico); 5 is considered the minimum and 12 rooms is mediocre, drive SUV's while wearing $600 shades, Lacoste is considered an every day rag; abercrombie is your sleep wear; Armani is just another brand like Payless, raised speaking spanish but also speak either french or german, partying for them is nothing compared to any means of average partying...spending 1$1,000 at a club is considered an appetizer,parents always lie about their taxes because they have multi-million dollar bank vaults stashed in Mexico under each one of their childrens names, wealth is never an issue and showing it off is never done intentionally...but people always know they're rich becuase of their "connections" or the way they might refer to an extravangant shopping spree at a designer shop as "normal", yet these few, rich mexicans are not your typical hamptons/beverly hills "look at me I'm rich" people...instead they are very casual, outgoing, relaxed, amiable, and chill, yet if crossed by a rich white person trying to show off their clothes or lifestyle, you'll be sure to see the REAL Mexican side of them as they make that person cry and almost fall into self loathing, these mexicans might be nice...but if you push the right buttons they can bight back, be RICH BITCHES, show off every single designer brand on them in your face, Cuss you out like there is no tomorrow, and have NO sympathy for anyone as long as they're happy; and their "happy" is not neccesisarily YOUR happy. Bottom line, they are out there, those rich bitches, and no they aren't working at McDonalds, but instead they are jumping on cruises to the Bahamas, jetsetting to Europe, Droping $$$ like there is no tomorrow, and living the life of a Fabulous Nantucket family...all while being MEXICAN. SO beware next time you might see a Mexican cause they can be wearing close to $900 worth and own million dollar houses all while just looking like an everyday casual person...unless you see them at a bar, club, party, or shopping than then you WILL be sure that they can do whatever they want as long as money can buy it and even then if they can't buy it be sure that they will pull out their cell phones and manage to call one of their "connections" and have the vendor fired.
Elite Mexicans (families in the US): Mejia-Fernandez; Denver, Elizondo; Santa Barbara, Yah-Lira; San Rafael, Montecarlo; Dallas, Escobedo; Miami, Dubovoy;Boca Raton, Carrillo-Garcia; Loredo, Marcianalles;Chicago, Lans; NYC, Garza-Garcia;Boston.
by Meridith Dubovoy January 31, 2006
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