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Elijah is the most charming, sweetest guy you will ever meet. He never gives up, and always tries his very best at everything. He is strong and fights for what he loves. Oh and did I metion the life of the party, from he's amazing dance moves, impeccable taste in music. To his FUN unique personality and those are just a few more reasons why he is the absolute best. Long story short your gr8 & thanks for just being there, Happy Birthday Elijah. Enjoy this special day. Love you tones boi! <3
Aww girl don't cry, you need an Elijah!
Thanks for the blanket..... That's an Elijah.
by |ThE_ReaL_GirlY| April 11, 2017

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A girl who looks after everybody else before herself and never judges. Is silly and likes to joke around with her friends. She has a pure heart and a beautiful kind face. She is really self concious but everyone around her envies her. She loves horse back riding and all animals in general. Sh can hold her own, she is really tough and stands up for what she loves and won't let anyone get in her way. She is funny, athletic, beautiful, smart, creative and talented she's be the perfect friend, always faithful.
Girl 1: Hey look it's Brooke!!!!!
Girl 2: Finally now the party can get started!!!
Girl 3: Look she brought pictures of her new horse!
by |ThE_ReaL_GirlY| March 18, 2017

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Someone who is pure of heart. She wishes to please those around her and is an excellent team player. She is very passionate and expresses all emotions with her soul, especially when she loves. Celia is a "hopeful" romantic who will search 'til the ends of the earth to find her soul-mate and will never settle for anything less. She is extremely loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect the people that she loves. She is caring and sweet, and will stay by your side when you're down or sick. Although her loyalty runs strong. Celia is magnetic to all that meet her, with beauty, brains, and her witty sarcasm and good humor. She's literally just the best!!!
Who's the girl over there she looks like she's having a great time!

Oh that's Celia duhh
by |ThE_ReaL_GirlY| July 02, 2017

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