An Elija is a nice guy, whos great in the bed and treats girls with repect because no girl should be called a bitch
girls tend not to like him but in the future theyre like magnets and he'll stay with you forever
Girl , you need an Elija I heard you broke up with your boyfriend but Elija will always be there for you cause he doesnt disrespect girls,plus hes great in the bed
by notwillferrell November 19, 2016
an elija is a person whos normally laid back and chill he Nevers let's feelings show never make an elija mad. Elijas loves loving girls and giving them stuff and likes joking around elija is the type of guy that likes you cause your personality but if you date the girl he likes he most likely will kill you
Person 1: do you like her

Elija: yea,but I think she has a girlfriend I'ma kill that nigga
by Jdnejdj February 19, 2020
Coolest guy in the old testiment... Look him up...
Some Guy: Aw crap... I just lost the hammer in the river!

Elija: Relax Guy, Take a rest fella...

Some guy: Ya, but we borrowed that form that other guy!

Elija: *Uses powers imparted by God to pull a jedi style retreival of said hammer*
by Danno March 28, 2005
Elija is the absolute sexiest man in the entire world, he gets so many bitches it is unbelievable. Elija is so incredibly attractive that whenever someone sees him just for a second they cum instantly, man or woman. Once Elija was walking around outside just minding his own business then he went into a crowd of people and all he could hear was moans as everyone came to the sight of him. after everyone had finished orgasming there was so much cum that Elija was basically drowning. Elija has a gift and a curse because he cant go anywhere without people begging him to fuck them or even just give them a shot with him, he even gets straight males coming up to him everywhere he goes but it is mainly woman.
*Elija just walking*
*Girls see him and all cum instantly*
Girls: *run up to him and get on there knees and start begging*
Girls: "Please just give us a chance you're so incredibly perfect"
Elija: "not againnnn"
Elija: "I cant go anywhere without this happening"
An Elija is an incredibly nice guy who is athletic and has a huge peen. Not only are Elija's great in bed, but they are athletic and athletic too. He is very respectful and treats girls well, and is a great person in general.
Hey, did you see that Elija over there? I heard he has a 12 inch punisher.
by Suck my 12 inch February 19, 2020
A sweet loving guy. He does his best in school,and sometimes talks to you. He’s your favorite guy friend. He will make you laugh when you’ve had a bad day.
by Videogames1 February 3, 2018
I was making out with three filipino men the other day, but elija occured and everything was ruined.
by scronkgun January 16, 2021