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A name for a male who is typically Tamil. The name Elakian means kind. It also means smart, determined, and almost certain to succeed in life.
Husband: What should we name our kid?
Wife: Let's name him Elakian, as he is going to be a smart kid!
by Unknown being. May 02, 2018
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1. Elakianist word for omni-potent
2. The name for any higher holy power in the religion Elakianism
Ex. Their god, their saviour, and their angels(their equivalents) are called Elakian.
This makes it especially confusing in the relgious texts, however one can usually tell from the context which higher holy power they are talking about.
'This must be the work of Elakian'
'Mommy, I think I saw an Elakian in the sky last night!'
by B' lizzle January 31, 2009
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