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A single dichotomous relationship in which the parties involved interact sometimes as the best of friends, and in other instances the worst of enemies in a continual, perpetual cycle.
In the Present: Nicky Hilton in Bed with Paris Hilton's Enemy,"she is my friendenemy Exclaims Paris".
1 week later: Paris Hilton said to reporters today that her an Niky are the best of friends.

4 weeks later: Nicky Hilton leaves Paris Hilton for a new BFF, and potentially Paris Hilton's reality show, stating that their relationship is officially over, or is this just friendenemy talk".

2 months later: Nicky and Paris, Best sisters and friends forever, as they showed up together at MTV's VMA awards, see the friendenemy fall out at the after party.

Paris & Nicky, these are just fictitious examples, there is no need to call me, well unless you really want to ...
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When people really do not like each other but will be cordially sarcastic to one another so as not to cause any drama and draw attention to themselves at social affairs.
Sandra is having a birthday party she's friends with Jane and Sally . Sandra decides to invite Jane and Sally she knows they are friendenemies ; she leaves it up to them to accept or decline. They both show up and are cordial / sarcastic keeping the peace for the sake of their mutual friend's party.
by Pepper1121 February 10, 2018
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