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A Goddamn' Time Traveller with a Badass Sword.
"If you can't make the most of any given moment, then you don't deserve a single extra second." - Ekko
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by 68CastImp April 21, 2018
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A League of Legends champion who sucks ass. Not only is he referred to as "The boy who shattered time," but also "The boy who shattered my will to live."

P.S I have found rare footage of how Ekko was made in the Gif section.
A: Ekko is trash.
B: Told you.
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by big_benis_nibba July 24, 2019
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Ekko is a myth about a troll who lives in the forest in Gaustablikk, Norway. The myth says ekko is only outside of his cave at night because of the strong light from the sun.

Today Ekko is a well known urban word for people who can't be in the light. It is most common too use in Norway at the eastern Oslo. Because of the myth of the Ekko troll. People who struggle with Ekko often wear headwear as a cap or beanie.
There is an myth of the Ekko, who live in that cave.
Hi, i got the Ekko. So i can't join the beach trip today.
by Sebbie Nomes March 01, 2012
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