A form of saying goodbye when your coming.
Man #1: Hi Tony, I'm on my way over to your house. I'll be over in 20 min
Man #2: No worries, I'm still getting ready but head over anyway.
Man #1: Will do mate, Ejaculater.
by frankzappa69 February 20, 2015
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this is when a guy or a girl or a shemale rubs there hand in an upward then downward motion surrounding their cock. this will eventually lead to cum, or sperm coming out of the penis head, making a big mess to clean up.
My big ass Ejaculat!on left a mess all over the bathroom mirror, so i left it there. then my mom walked in and said "who the hell let a shower of sperm on my godamn mirror."
by SKNI99A November 17, 2007
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Dank Ass Randy: "Uhhhghghh"

Bitch Ass Emily: "Wat?"

Dank Ass Randy: "I diddly darn ejaculat"
by DwizzyDwight October 12, 2014
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makes you ejaculate, orgasm, gives a ig amount of pleasure.
the chocolate cake is so good, it's ejaculatible !!!
that girl is ejaculatible an cute.
by Francisco R. Lima November 5, 2016
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