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Eisha is a dark brown haired girl and brown/black eyes. She is the most amazing person you'll ever meet she may seem weird at first but get to know her. If you treat her well she will treat you well you should NEVER let an Eisha go. Call dibs on her.She's athletic but girly she is fast. If your athletic she's perfect for you. She may seem ugly at a young age but when she's a teen everyone will be adoring her.She is going to achieve in life and be rich. Get her before your chance is lost
When you first see her: I don't like Eisha she's ugly
When u get to know her: Oh my gosh she is so pretty and kind I wish I could have her I call dibs
by Amiela6871 December 21, 2017
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Eisha is the best person you'll ever meet. Treat her nice and you will be the most happiest person in the world. She cares for her people and when she grows older richness awaits for her. She's not a gold digger she's athletic,fast but also girly. Once she grows older everyone will adore her you should never judge quickly. If you have feelings for her you must tell her else your chance will be gone. Don't let that happen show your love for her. If you can't own up, treat her well. You don't want to loose an Eisha. She will have loads of friends and treat them nicely they will be the luckiest person in the world. Her relationship will be perfect make sure you let her know how you feel for her before it's too late. You DONT want to loose her. Who knows she may like u back
Person who's shy: Damn I really like Eisha but I'm not ganna say

Person who tells her: Damn she's nice and she likes me
by Amiela6871 December 22, 2017
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Eisha is a girl who seems cold when you first meet her but once she opens up she's one of the most loyal, funny people you'll meet! She's really sweet too and will do anything for her friends and s/o. She's really childish and has a baby face but she has a really side too, you just have to find it. ;) She most likely has resting bitch face 24/7 but she's just shy she can't help it.
When you just see her: Eisha is such a bitch ughh I hate her.

When you actually get to know her: I love Eisha so much she's so kinda omg
by Sunnybunny543 December 17, 2017
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The suffix to the name of any common black female with an attitude. The bastardization of this name is limitless and is the butt of many jokes.

Other variations include: -aisha, -esha, -iesha, -isha
Clerk 1: Shakan-eisha to the front desk please. Shakan-eisha. Will a Shakaneisha Konkeisha El Dorado Moneisha come to the front desk please. Your baby daddies are here. All 15 of them.


Teacher: Alright class, it's time for attendance! Please say "Here" if you are present today.

"Petroleumeisha" - Yeah!

"Marqueeisha" - Sup!

"Vulcaneisha" - Whattup!

"Quantumeisha" - Holla!
by Qbertandernie April 21, 2011
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1)n. another random idiot in the crowd 2)n. guy often mistaken for a girl because of name
by Ebo0 November 14, 2003
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