The recreational drug Exstasy, Chemical name MDMA. Ironic cause it frys your brain.
Yo pop da Einstein and get ready to roll.
by xSatansAmbitionx September 14, 2006
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Great man Einstein. Theory of relativity AND gave a name to those frizzy fly away hairs on the side of your head that just won't stick down, no matter how much gunk/frizz busting product you slap on there.
"Dude your Einsteins have a life of their own, what did you do last night? Sleep in a ditch?!"
by Evil Doll December 08, 2006
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the most bitching scientist ever... came up with the equation
E=MC^2. which in layman's terms means. mass how much space an object occupies times the speed of light squared gives you energy. can also be used to describe someone of a genus quality.
WOW! tom got a 120% on his calculus test because he got all of the bonus questions right.. he is practically an Einstein
by gohan9001 March 01, 2007
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Verb. To beat sense into some one. To cause severe physical harm.
1. I'm 'bout to Einstein that mutha!
2. Jerome just got Einsteined!
by NoseDive December 30, 2005
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