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The most beautiful sweet girl in world. An Eily, tends to have unimaginably alluring qualities such as silk-like hair, deep dark eyes and the smile that makes the world stop. Though she is usually secluded and keeps to herself, there is not one person alive who wouldn't be glad to have an Eily in their life. Eilys are full of giggles that never stop. Several have come close to understanding these rare jems but still no dice. If by some unimaginable stroke of luck an Eily appears, make sure to never let it go, they are full of suprises
I hung out with Eily today, I still can't stop smiling
by Special K1413 January 04, 2013
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The girl name Eily is pronounced as -AYLiy †. Eily is mainly used in the English language and its language of origin is Old French. Eily is a pet form of the English and Irish name Eileen.
Famous Eily:

Eily Malyon (1879 - 1961) was one of those infrequently seen character actors whose work was extremely memorable. Her career focused more on quality than quantity of roles. She was indeed an interesting looking actress with steely white hair a long face with sharp sculpted features highlighted by a smooth voice with impeccable diction.
by Jane Carter February 02, 2010
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Eily is an amazing, and super crazy person. She will always be nagging you to do what she wants but you have to give in because she is the actual best friend ever. Everyone wants to be friends with her and once eily has gotten a goal in her mind, she’s sticking to it.
Eily is so crazy!
by jklzxcvbnm December 02, 2018
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