4 definitions by PopKatTime

when you are having sex and you stick an egg half way up your partners ass and then you use your dick to shove it all the way up the ass, then you use your dick and shove it very hard up your partners ass that you break open the egg and cum inside of it, then your partner shits on it and you eat it out.
sorry I didn't go to church yesterday, I was to busy egging my wife.
by PopKatTime April 4, 2022
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when your English teacher takes an entire fucking year to read a book that has 10 chapters because he goes into depth about the characters emotions and experiences
Holy shit stop telling me about the hidden meaning behind the character you Mr Wills
by PopKatTime December 13, 2021
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When you try to be a funny person but end up being an asshole
shut up you Mr Kabara
by PopKatTime December 13, 2021
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by PopKatTime January 24, 2022
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