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An orgasm resulting from the feeling of being aroused by the rubbing of cooked, warm eggs onto the female clitoris for a period extending longer than that of the actual orgasm.
john: bitch ima rub deez eggz on yo clit so hard..
john (3 minutes after the rubbing began): ugh!!! skeett!! im having a m-fin intense eggasm!

mary: oh yeah baby rub them eggs on mah clit.
mary (3 monutes after the rubbing began): oh em gee mah cunts gushin! i love eggasms!
by Scottythejew September 24, 2007
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When you are trashed and you have an insatiable craving for scrambled eggs, it is the sensation you get from the first bite of scrambled eggs.
Francesca: Oh my God, these eggs are SOOOOO good!
Travis: Wow, Francesca just had the biggest eggasm ever!
by Tenacious F March 23, 2006
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