Happy Go lucky and somehow a bitch when you first meet her kinda Girl who is Popular in her school, But is actually really nice.
She’s an ees I used to think that she was a bitch but once you get to know her, she’s actually really nice!
by Reese_fab May 30, 2020
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1) Electrical Engineer
2) Someone who likes punishment more than a CSE.
"I got a 38 on the last Fields and Waves exam."
"What was the averge?"
by Lord_D October 19, 2004
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ees, is an amazing person. personally, i love them.

so don't take them >:(
by angieslovelife May 27, 2021
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calm it down, chill, to take it easy with something
Derived from the acronym for Engineering Equation Solver a powerful problem solving tool which simplifies all situations
Hayman was hitting on my girl, so i was like 'yo EES with that'.
by Holko April 30, 2004
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Oh, your major is EE? Dang... you must be smart...
by eekitty November 18, 2003
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Electrical Engineering. The art of designing electrical circuits with mathematic models and theory.

Or refers to students of. Often sleep deprived nerds around campus who have nothing to do but study together and do homework while having lame conversations about computers or cool shit you could build.
I knew this EE guy who built this cool thing for my amp.
by Tony April 11, 2005
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