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Banter with members of the opposite sex which becomes overly complimentary and sickeningly creepy that your actions are compared to the slippery movements of an eel.
Dude you were eeling that slut so much I threw up in my mouth a little.
by Thehounddog May 28, 2016
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When your sitting in the back of a car with a girl with a skirt and she decides to ride you and begins to move her hips like an eel on top of your junk. All you can do is take it like a champ!
Bro what are you doing back there? Dude shut up, she's eeling me!
by El Spanish Mandingo December 09, 2010
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Someone that couldn't shut up & talks a lot of shit. She is always talking behind her close friends' back. She always uses Whatsapp Stories to post her pathetic life.
You know that girl? Eeling?
She's annoying right?
by why not you October 03, 2018
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