The most kindest , forgiving , smart person you will ever meet. She won't let you down and won't let you be alone. To me I think Eduarda means Angel!
I want a friend just like Eduarda
by Himynameisfinheff55 March 14, 2017
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The kindest, most loving, smartest person in the world. With wits that put Einstein to shame, and a body that make people melt. This name stores anyone that is absolutely perfect, and you can't make it up to them.
by Sgt.BlowYoureFaceOff March 27, 2018
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A Funny, weird, beautiful woman with an enchanting smile and gorgeous slim figure, possesses the ability to attract any man with one look, appears shy and innocent but is confident and a freak. She has mini crushes on many & is wanted by many but once one captures her heart she is willing to give them the world and drop all them ‘hoes’. She is the type to act like she doesn’t care but deep down, she is sensitive asf. If you have the “soft” side of Eduarda, make the most of it and value her because you’ll 100% miss it when it’s gone. She tends to be a bit dramatic so you’ll have some misunderstandings with her & mini petty arguments but trust me she’s the type of girl who is worth every second of your time, you’ll never regret having an Eduarda in your life!
I can’t get Eduarda out my head , Jesus she’s unforgettable
by Latinnamess November 23, 2021
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A cutie, who's gotten a hot tan and lives near the beach
Wow, she's definitely an eduarda.

She swags like eduarda
by Heushana November 21, 2016
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the most beautiful person, with whom I would share all the teas in the world
by buenas buenas November 23, 2021
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The funniest girl in the world, she's smart and beautiful, certainly the best kind of person to have around, she cheers you up with her jokes all the times, she's so different from other people, definitely and uniquely special.
maria eduarda is also alvin, simon and theodore.
by fcbm February 4, 2020
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