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Someone from Edinburgh in Scotland within the UK. Not from the Leith area though. Usually used as an attack on someone - due to the lack of Scots that live in Edinburgh.
See that twunt over there, he's an Edinburger, gets the train here from Edinburgh everyday.
by m0r1arty April 04, 2005
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A real low-rent, trailor trash type, White, high school drop out, lots of kids, missing teeth, career in cashiering. Named after Edinburgh, Indiana. Both genders like to particpate in the local sport-bar fights. A small town known for being rough, dirty, and low class. A denizen of Edinburgh or someone who looks like it. Recognized by feathered hair, mullets, acid wash jeans, old Camaros, cars on lawns, bad teeth, and 6th grade vocabulary.
Look at that guy in the jean shorts. Since when did they let Edinburgers in? Time to find a new place to hang.
by shlewwy February 11, 2010
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A person form the City of Edinburgh, usually said person is a buftie or a junkie.
Man 1 - "Look at the state of the Edinburger"
Man 2 - "hes a fucking junkie buftie boy like the rest of them"
by haim August 03, 2005
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