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An awesome, down to earth guy! He loves to play and expresses himself through music. He's super smart and cute but isnt proud about it. He loves kids and gets along with almost everyone. He always puts others first and the first person to come up to you and say, "hi" you need to be a friend to an Eder
Emily (on the phone): "OHHHH girl! ive met the nicest fun loving guy!

Lauren: "He MUST be an Eder!
by ashrb July 14, 2010
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A straight beast. Knows how to play his women and never get caught. Creates the illusion of being sweet, nice, caring, and loving. Secretly, he doesn't give a fuck. He just wants that poon and trust me, he will get it. Great at sports. Loves fighting 'cause he's good at it and can kick ass. Handsome devil but just because of his dashing looks, doesn't mean he can't kick your ass. Dude is a champ. He'll fuck you up. This guy is nothing but a boss. If a girl ever gets through to him and takes your emotions, marry that bitch 'cause she's the one.
Guy1: Have you seen Eder's new chick? She's hot as fuck. That kid gets puss.
Guy2: Fuck, I know. His last girl was the hottest chick in the neighborhood. Does he ever stop?!
Guy1: Did you see that one dude who he fucked up?! It was hilarious. Almost twice his size and he knocked his ass to the floor, like always though.
Guy2: Damn. I wish I was an Eder. That would be the life.
by Brahbroskees December 21, 2012
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one who plays excessive amounts of violin, building up his anger, resulting in an extremely violent jerky attack filled with vehement swings and jabs with the arms and hands
hey eeeeeeee-durrrrr, what's that thing on your face?
by The Asian Sin-sation November 09, 2003
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also referred to as "ed". never says anything but "fuck you/shuddup" and "im sooo fucked, i hate ms daniels"
Hey Ed whats up?

Shuddup! I'm fucked with my homework.
by KP November 09, 2003
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Being completely useless. Having the qualities of a complete moron. Often confused with raging homosexuals and the homeless.

Also can be used as a verb for someone who engages in activities that involve consuming and destroying.
Holy balls batman that man was utterly eder.

That man totally edered that shit.

by 0341kill December 11, 2008
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The BFF who left me without thinling twice
we were BFF then she just stopped
by liken March 11, 2005
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