(Noun: Person)

Eddy 2 op. What more can be said. The question that is often asked is... How do I become as good as Eddy? Well let me tell you! All you have to do is perform 6 easy payments of 69.99 a month to a certain website. Eddy often greets people with a three chord song of Ni Hao Ma?
Eddy Wannabe: I'm so good!
by AsTheWindBlows July 14, 2016
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An amazing specimen of god. Usually known to have a large penis and an amazing personality. These fools get mad bitches and cannot be stopped. Rap game too strong and niggas fire. Pretty much a god
This fool eddys my whole life,damn
by Eddythegod January 02, 2015
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Eddy is a very nice guy he is a little bit of a weirdo but he is still your best friend in 5th free you call him tomato or call him a talking tampon and take his hat to the person reading this I might sound like a bully but I love him like a brother
Eddy looks like a tomato 😂
by Eva.-. August 21, 2019
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A person who is fierce , brave, strong loving , kind , nice , and amazing, he protects the people he cares about and he doesn’t give up, he is a protector and a warrior in the light as well as he helps others. He is a leader and loyal.
When People see Eddy he makes them smile and feel comforted and safe.
Eddy is a friend of Brett.
by PianoIsMyIntrument June 30, 2020
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Eddy is a guy who is good at basketball. He is kinda nice but he can be mean. He is also smart.
Girl#1”who is that” girl#2”that’s eddy he is smart and good at basketball”.
by einstieniscool February 01, 2018
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Hottest guy in New Jersey, really famous, follow him on instagram @eddy.lora
Follow daddy @eddy.lora
by thebignota September 16, 2020
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