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a really hilarious show about 3 preteen boys who likes to scam the other kids in the neighborhood.
Ed Edd 'n' Eddy loves to eat jawbreakers.
by Stacy February 21, 2004
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One of the only good shows on Cartoon Network since the 90's. Very funny show about three boys living in a cul-de-sac, trying to scam kids out of money in order to buy their favorite food, jawbreakers.


Ed- Big, strong, dim
Edd-Smart, nerdy, gadgeteer
Eddy-Self-proclaimed leader, loudmouthed, short
Kevin-Athletic, rude, a bit of a bully to the Eds
Johny-Loner,eccentric, carries around a board named Plank
Plank-He's a wooden board, what the hell am I supposed to say?
Nazz-Cool, feminine, usually the neighborhood crush
Sarah-Loud, overbearing, Ed's younger sister
Jimmy-Weak, queer(you have to admit, that's true), wimp
Rolf-Strong, eccentric, old-world
Lee-Strong, vicious, loves Eddy
Marie-Tomboy, crude, love Edd
May-Slightly dim, kindest of the Kankers, loves Ed
Guy#1: Oh look, Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy's on
Guy#2: Aw, sweet, I loved that show when I was younger. Let's watch it!
by bbtdgfan123 September 24, 2010
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animated misadventures of three adolescent boys who live in the same suburban "cul-de-sac". the trio consist of the husky Ed; edd the gatgeteer and schemer, and eddy the self proclamed leader of the group.
they try to get money in scams that they make but evetually something goes wrong
by Edgar March 13, 2004
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Probably one of the last few Cartoon Network original cartoons that are good.

Crude but entertaining animation. Moving lines!
Don't watch any CN original that was produced after this show.
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
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One of the best cartoon network shows on the planet. It's about three boys ed,edd n eddy, who live in a coldesack i live in a coldesack which is realy rare. anyway the other characters on that show are so frickin stupid and insane that its so funny. Theres this kid who is best friends with a plank of wood with a painted face on it. Theres another boy named ceven who allways rides his bike and acts like a he owns the coldesack. There's this boy who acts like a girl, hangs around with ed's younger sister and dose all that girl stuff, hes funny to look at cause hes such f***et. Thers this fouron boy named rolf from a eropian country no ones heard of, he always refers to ed, edd n eddy as"ed bouys", i cack myself laughing every time i here him say that. Theres a girl who is ed's younger sister who is much smaller than him but treats him like a younger brother cause ed is as dumb as dumb can get. Theres another girl that ed, edd n eddy all adore, all the boys always try to get her attention but none of them get treated seriously by her. Then theres the canker sisters who live in a caravan park behind the coldesack there like the older girl version of ed, edd n eddy except for the fact that the cankers are related to each other. No grown ups are ever shown in the cartoon, but there parents are mentioned in every episode somewhere.
rolf: hello ed bouys.
Eddy: Hey rolf wanna go on my cruise witch is actually a cheap floaty with a seat and underpants flag.It's only twenty five cents.
Rolf: oooooo i havn't been on a cruise before why not.
Eddy: ca-ching, we only need three more quarters till we can get jaw-breackers from the candy store.
by Andytheschoolloner April 27, 2005
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a funny show on cartoon network bout 3 boys from canada scaming all the neighborhood kids for money for their beloved jawbreakers.
by Patrick Dron December 05, 2003
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A cartoon series from the early 2000's revolving around three preteen boys who share variations of the name "Ed", but differ greatly in personality
I done lost homies who been with me since Ed, Edd, n Eddy
(Blessings by Big Sean)
by Why is October 18, 2015
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