Ethnically Confused Individual. Usually pronounced eesi but also can be eeki
"Hey Bobby look at that E.C.I."
"What a retard. Hahaha."
by The Thri11 December 13, 2009
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The greatest school ever , in Toronto's central Etobicoke neighbourhood .

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute
Me : so where are you heading next year ?
Guy : ECI yo , gonna be bomb .
Me : that rules eh , i'm pumped for you !
by ETOBICOKE RULES February 09, 2008
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E'ci is where Alkrun, a giant faggot that rips off Something Awful and still uses a 1.5 year old gimmick named Fiesta-Cat, is from.

Also see: Alkrun
by Rrail June 06, 2006
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