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Very caring , encouraging, pretty soulfull eyes , carmel brown skin , can be very introverted, but don't confuse that with Eboney being shy , she speaks her words boldly, and shes very confident , she's authentic, and smart . Can be witty , anD silly , doesn't mind being by herself , loves animals ..
Eboney is fierce
by Beauty black December 23, 2016
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Eboney is a very lovable girl, she is very sentimental at times but she plays rough, she is an animal lover.. Mostly into dogs, she loves all animals. If you have an Eboney never let her go, she will bring love and warmth to your life mostly big booty
Boy 1: Man that girl is a total eboney
Boy 2: I gotta make her mine
by SimplyEboney November 20, 2018
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big booty,color of skin: brown but dark with pretty complection, is not a beast
by Her secret admirer March 13, 2003
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