A condition brought on by large quantities of alcohol. Symptoms include walking, talking, and looking like a zombie, and the beer cologne.
Ricky: Hey, you don't look so good. Maybe you've had too much to drink, Samuel.

Samuel: Baaaahhrrrrummm ugh.

Ricky: That's it, I'm taking you home. You are EATING BRAINS, man!
by Jerod W. February 05, 2011
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Said of an individual, circumstance or location perceived as insidiously annoying. Usually one discerns the circumstance after a brief period of interaction with said annoyance.

From direct translation of the Hebrew saying popular in Israel.
Eating One's Brain example:

Last time we were there, the guy was eating my brain.

Let us go, this place starts to eat my brain.
by Tiger What Woods January 15, 2014
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when something (usually an idea or a piece of art) has extremely impressed one and got all his/her attention
Bob: Did you watch AMAs last week?
Charlotte: Yeah, Adam Lambert's performance eats my brain!
by my_ivy_island November 30, 2009
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When a woman violently licks the ball sack while the man squeezes his nuts together to resemble a brain (aka The Brain). This action is like a zombie eating some brains.
Last night Lauren started groaning while we were doing it, next thing you know, she's eating some brains.
by td9187 April 01, 2013
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A more aggressive, in-depth, informative approach to picking ones brain for information.
Adjective: "Hey Steve, I know you really want to come work at the company I'm at. Want to eat my brain about it over drinks later? "
by @black_forests April 27, 2017
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