2 definitions by Jerod W.

A condition brought on by large quantities of alcohol. Symptoms include walking, talking, and looking like a zombie, and the beer cologne.
Ricky: Hey, you don't look so good. Maybe you've had too much to drink, Samuel.

Samuel: Baaaahhrrrrummm ugh.

Ricky: That's it, I'm taking you home. You are EATING BRAINS, man!
by Jerod W. February 05, 2011
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A fragrance brought on by either spilling a lager or ale on oneself, or having beer spilled on you by friends/strangers. The aroma possesses the intensity of cologne with the scent of beer.
Barney: She knew I was drunk when she smelled my beer cologne.

Ted: Lots of spillage?

Barney: Yes, Ted. I was totally wearing the beer cologne.
by Jerod W. February 05, 2011
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