as opposed to "smoking someone out", "eating someone out" is when you are broke and someone buys or makes you food.
not to be confused with the eating of vagina. or is it to be confused?
chad bro: dude bro I am so broke from spending all my money on Natties. bro I am so hungry!
mike bro: no problem bro, I'll eat you out.
chad bro: thanks bro, I can't wait to be eat out!
by utensil March 30, 2009
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to lick a girl's pussy up and down and all around.
it feels so good for her.
it makes her cum all in her mouth and sometimes her pussy smells and tastes bad, but do it because after that she'll do anything you want because you pleasured her to the max. makeout with her pussy. you can ever bite it a little to tease her.
"Bridget go eat out your girlfriend so she will cum nastily in her mouth."
"I ate my girlfriend out and she liked it so much, she fucked me."
by Brianna Carter December 08, 2008
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To lick a girls pussy hard and it will cause alot of moaning.
Theres a teen girl who had a thin thong. She and a man looked at eachother and went to a room. There she rode his cock hard and rough. "UH DADDY YES HARDERR" He made her bounce higher on his dick "mami ride that cock harder"
And then the man started to stick his toungue in her pussy and eat her out harder and rougher than he had done to any girl and he stuck his cock in her. The girl couldnt hold it in anymore and put her pussy on his face where he licked it but he wanted her to ride his cock so he placed her on his cock and told her to ride it. She shaked her ass on his face and rubbed her pussy on him and he opened her legs wide and ate her out again harder. "DADDYYYYYYYYYYY UHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHH HARDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN YESSSSSS UHHHHHH" He did this while he also played with her tits and he hit her ass hard and licked her ass too and ate her out once more "DADDY YES HARDER DADDY UH MY PUSSY HARDER" "YES SCREAM MAMI IM GONNA EAT IT HARDER" and he did and she rode him again and this time her ass and pussy touched his face and she was bouncing so many times "UHHH YESS DADDY"
they finished fucking. Eat out.
by Daddy harder June 11, 2018
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eat out - girl going down on girl when drunk in an attempt for the girl to return the favor.
ex. with fake names

carlton is such a sissy, he eat out alyssa but never got anything in return.
by joeoy dude September 17, 2007
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You might as well go drink salt and pepper. Then go lick your shower. Freaks.
Caroline was really bored. So she decided to eat out samantha's vagina. She ended up with bathtiles in her mouth.
by hXcMax May 05, 2006
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Intense oral sex peformed on a woman, resulting in several orgasms.
I could do with a good eatout later.
by Trini Bo$$69 May 03, 2021
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