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The act of a man stretching ones own testicles and inserting them into his own anus. Then shitting them out much like the Famous Easter Bunny.
Larry’s girlfriend likes it when he gives her an Easter basket while she’s sucking it from the back.
by ZERO2HERO98 January 03, 2020
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Having enirely too much hair in the pubic region to where your nuts and penis head look like a few eggs in a dark grassy basket.
Dave got so drunk last night that he showed everyone at the party his Easter basket... Gross!
by crazycaper31 April 04, 2009
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When you fill up someones toilet with toilet paper until theres no water left. You then take a shit on top of the tp which resembles an easter basket.
Mike really pissed me off so I went into his bathroom and gave him an easter basket.
by J_D_Russell_87 June 12, 2006
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A sexual maneuver in which a male partner, while having sex with a female partner, puts his testicles inside her anus. This can be performed in a variety of positions, but is traditionally performed from the missionary position.
"When I'm really into a chick, and she's super drunk, I like to pop my balls right up in her ass. Pop, pop! You know, give her the ol' Easter basket."
by Hogmaster13 April 04, 2012
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First you get a girl and put rabbit ears on her then sit her on your lap facing away from you. You then place your penis in her anus, and grab her underneath the kness and pull her kness to her chest. You then bounce her up and down on your penis likes a happy easter bunny. She also must yelp out, "Eggs for my basket, give me eggs for my basket!"
I was all out of candy so I gave Luke's mom the ol' easter basket instead!
Bitch was mad happy son!
by getsome3378 February 16, 2009
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A Easter Basket is filling a clean, public toilet with huge solid pieces of oblong dookie. Then leaving it, where they all fill the bowl perfectly like a bowl full of eggs and french loaves. It's a perfect gift that surprises the next person who happens to open the bathroom door.
I'mma kill Tiffany! That nasty bitch left a easter basket swirling in the office's one toilet.
by Lil' Taste October 23, 2016
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Leaving an Easter Basket is the act of shitting in a bucket at work, then carefully placing it somewhere close behind someone "busy". The smelly, stinky shit will eventually creep up on your mark, leaving him confused, and dumbfounded as to where that awful smell is coming from. When finally, he/she turns around to see where that smell is coming from, they find his/her surprise greeting them in the face. SURPRISE!!!!
Hey, let's go make an Easter Basket, and hide it for someone at work.
by Don Mc. April 10, 2009
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