Know to Bostonians as 'Eastie.' A ghetto section of Boston. There are over "100 hardcore members of MS-13 in the neighborhood." For many decades, the Italian mafia ran shit around here. (They're still around) Today it is predominantly a Hispanic area. (Salvadorian, Columbian, Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian, etc) Although Italian and Polish people live there too. People from Eastie have a distinct Boston accent. (Some words they say may sound like more of a Rhode Island/New York accent.) Eastie can often be affiliated more with the north shore rather than the city of Boston. Even though the best views of downtown are in eastie, in front of the ghettoest projects in all of Boston - Maverick. People from here usually overuse words such as: fuck, yo, cunt, slut, whore, jerk off, etc. (people here usually have a truck drivers mouth and don't care if they offend you to your face.)
ME: "That girl looks like she's from East Boston"
FRIEND: "Yeah, she does look like a bitch."
by Jay ZTN July 26, 2008
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More part of the North Shore then anything. East Boston is a more rough section of Boston but has some of the greatest views of Boston its self, located at the Maverick Section. It is Home to a national gang called "MS13". It has logan airport in it so people usually wake up to planes flying over their houses.
Me: Hey wanna go to East Boston.

You: Are you crazy?! its like 11 PM, were gonna get jumped by MS13!
by district02128 June 18, 2010
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The eastern part of Boston, which like Lynn is a massive shithole waiting to be leveled by it's own inhabitants
Q:Hey you wanna go to east boston?
A:Hell fuckin no . . . .i dont feel like getting shot, stabbed, raped, mugged, sodomized, and become addicted to crack all at once!!!
by Tommy D. April 11, 2005
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